Tai Ji Quan
Open for everyone - regardless of Sifu, type of Taiji, Aikido etc.


Contact us via "Contact us" on this page, before joining the trainings.

Practice (our plan is to start in mid-August 2022):

  • Wednesdays 18:30 - 20:00 (incl instructor led Form training, drills and push hands)

Location: The park at Våffelstugan inside Filmstaden / Råsunda / Solna /Sweden

We planing to move the practice area to Sundbyberg / Tornparken, near Vattentornet. More info will come.

We have a Messenger group where we post information on any changes. For ex if it rains, we might cancel or move the training to somewhere with a roof. There is some nice trees which one can practice under, if it is raining.


The cost is 300 kr per half year or 50 kr per practice session. This will cover the fee for Svenska Aikido Förbundet including insurance, other memberships, web costs and cost for a bank account. This might be change in the future. Please, contact Lars before paying anything.

Donations can be made via swish to 0708 70 00 86. It will be used for creating paying for travel expenses and fee to international camps for our instructors. 

Training camps/seminars

Please contact us via "Contact us" if you are interested in arranging a training camp with Lars Niklasson. Either Taiji or Aikido or both. Lars usually point out the relationships between the two. By training both, the support each other and they make the other art better.

Cost is 2000 kr per day + travel costs.